Making your home a better place to live


This durable custom kitchen matches the architecture and materials of the home and provides a well lit, ventilated environment for outdoor cooking—rain or shine.


Get the most out of your remodeling project

With decades of experience in the St. Louis area Rehagen Enterprises has conducted a diversity of remodeling projects.  Remodeling requires careful replacement of old work within the styling and structural limitations of your existing home.  Properly done remodeling blends the new with the old and makes your home a better place to live.


We understand that each remodeling project is custom—no two are the same.  We are specialists in maximizing the value of your remodeling projects.  We know how to get around the challenges of an existing home and seamlessly blend the new work with the old.  But we also help you recognize options that are enabled by the remodeling process.  We believe most anything is possible and have the creativity, resourcefulness, can do attitude and experience to get the results you desire.


Contact us to discuss your remodeling ideas. Browse our gallery of sample projects. Let us demonstrate what it is like to work with an innovative company motivated by reputation, referrals and pride in what we do.

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